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About Judy

I didn't know there was a name for what you and I are until recently.

I did know, however, that I was told I was overly sensitive.   To toughen up.

I spent most of my career as an OB-GYN Medical Researcher until I became disillusioned with its lack of true health results for women.  So I branched off to research for myself what ancient cultures and quantum physics had to say about healing and creating the lives we want.

I found out there are time-proven  techniques and practices that can help us, as Empaths, come back to center and even realize our gifts have an incredible purpose - to help humankind return to Love.

What I Can Provide

'Big Picture' Concepts that make life make sense
Ancient & Modern Tools proven to calm our over-amped nervous systems
Webinar, Audio & Video Training and Retreats
Develop peace of mind & a sense of true purpose

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51649 Huntington Rd, P.O. Box 932
La Pine, Oregon 97739

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